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Anti-Stat Kits, KC5780
Anti-Stat Kits, KC5780

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Product Code: KC5780

Designed to alleviate static discharge between mold halves, which result in "pitting" on the parting line causing deterioration and shortened mold life before major rebuilding.

Added to the outside of each mold half, the kit makes contact between halves when the mold is clamped closed. Unlike the steel clamps or bolts used for clamping molds which carry a much lower thermal conductivity than aluminum, Anti-Stat Kits are made from copper alloy components which use the superior electrical conductivity of copper over both steel and aluminum to conduct the static charge around the mold and into the ground via the arm of the machine.

This outside route eliminates the path of conductivity between the mold halves at the parting line.
The result is avoiding unnecessary down time of the mold due to maintenance caused by static discharge.

Static free components

Set Includes: (1) Copper Finger Contacts; (1) Copper Finger Probes; (2) Steel Receivers to hold copper components; (2) Roll Pins; (2) Double ended threaded bolts with HEX in center; (1) Copper Wire (12 feet long and .064" diameter); (2) 1/4-20 S.S. Hex Nuts; (1) 1/4-20 X .75 Hex Head Bolt.