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Rain Barrel - Used Mold, 255
Rain Barrel - Used Mold, 255

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Product Code: 255

Water conservation is becoming an important worldwide issue. Using the rain barrel can be utilized that would otherwise be wasted as runoff. Uses: gardens, car-washing, pool-filling, etc.

Type of Mold: Fabricated Stainless Steel
Number of pieces Mold - 2
Surface Finish: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 37.5" Tall, Rim top 26" X 31" X 2' tall
Barrel 22" x 27" x35.5" tall
Parting Line: Flat
Mounting Plate - 6 (3/4") on 8.5" BC
Single Mount; Closures - Parting Line Bolts (speed bolts)
Molds available - 1
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