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RotoSim - Full License, KC800800 (CALL FOR PRICING)
RotoSim - Full License, KC800800 (CALL FOR PRICING)


Product Code: KC800800

Simulation model typically include: Kinematics motion of the mold mounted on an arm/plate combination: Relative motion between the mold surface and the polymer powder; Heating of the mold; Melting of the polymer; Further heating of the polymer to a desired peak internal air temperature; Removal heating of the polymer to a desired peak internal air temperature; Removal from the oven and application of one or more coolant streams; Solidification of the melted polymer; Cooling of the mold until a demolding temperature is reached.

The RotoSim program has been developed to simulate the rotational molding process and it addresses all of these activities. Its main purpose is to accurately model the molding process and provide the engineer with a design tool that can help to reduce the time spent with an actual production molding machine when developing the process for a new mold shape. In addition, it has proved useful as an offline process simulator for training new machine operations.

Price list:

1) RotoSim software with a full user license, a comprehensive User Manual, free software upgrades and free email technical support during the first six months following purchase: U.S. $1,666.00. Order Part Number KC800800.

Multiple full license prices:
2 Licenses: $2,560 (i.e. 2nd license for $960)
3 Licenses: $3,200 (i.e. 3rd license for $ 640)
4 Licenses: $3,776 (i.e. 4th license for $ 576)
5 Licenses: $4,290 (i.e. 5th license for $ 514)

2) Optional annual software updates with email technical support. Call for quote, or contact Rotosim@aol.com. Order Part Number KC800801

3) Six week trial license to operate the full RotoSim software pack for evaluation purposes: U.S. $320. This trial charge is deductible if a full license is subsequently purchased. Order Part Number KC800802.

RotoSim will be forwarded to you via e-mail, upon receipt of funds.

NOTE: The software is designed to run under Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7 using either a 32-bit operating system or a 64-bit operating system format. Please state the format required when placing an order for the software.