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Tote Tub Used Mold, # 291
Tote Tub Used Mold, # 291

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Product Code: 291


Initially produced for fish totes.

Other uses:
Orchards and vegetable gardeners
Items that require leak proof transportation (tomatoes, strawberries, etc).
Butcher Shops

Totes are stackable

Type of Mold: Fabricated Steel, 16 Gauge
Each mold is a 2 piece mold
Surface Finish: Polished
Dimensions: Interior (Parting Line to Parting Line): 28” x 17” x 8”
Exterior (without frame): 30” x 19 ¼”
Parting Line: Flat and Dowel Pin
Shot Production Weight: 12 pounds, including trim
Mounting Plate: None
Weight of mold: 50 pounds (each), double cavity mold set
Closures: Clamps
Steel Frame: No
Teflon Coated: Silicone Treated
Molded In Inserts - No
Number of Molds available - 2 (Double Cavity Molds)

Plastic part dimensions: 27.3" length, 16.5" wide, 7.8" high (approximate).