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Clean N' Store Kit, Stoner® KC5660 (2 Pk.)
Clean N' Store Kit, Stoner® KC5660 (2 Pk.)


Product Code: KC5660

Proper Storage - A key to extend the life and quality of your molds.

Proper maintenance of molds plays a big part in extending mold life and maintaining its quality over time. Although storage of molds is very much an integral part of mold maintenance, too often it does not receive the focus that it should. Proper cleaning, lubricating and application of rust preventative can be performed with minimal effort with the mold Clean N Store Kit.

Made up of two individual products, the kit provides the tools necessary to prepare your molds for proper storage at the end of a run.

The All Citrus Cleaner Degreaser (Part Number KC5662) is an all-natural precision cleaner typically used as a degreaser for removing resins, carbon deposits, and contaminants from molds. It is made entirely from a highly refined extract of citrus fruits and is more environmentally friendly than petroleum distillate based cleaners.
12 oz. (341 g) Can

The Heavy Duty Rust Preventive (Part Number KC5661) leaves a heavy-duty film on exposed metal to seal out dampness and provides long-term protection against moisture and oxidation. It prevents rust and corrosion from ruining exposed steel and stored metals for extended time periods. It allows you to store parts, molds, tooling, or machinery without damage from rust, corrosion, or oxidation.
10 oz. (283 g) Can