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Freeform Sample, Pack Solid, (3), KC101275
Freeform Sample, Pack Solid, (3), KC101275


Product Code: KC101275

This is a sample pack of Freeforms to be used in testing. Part Number KC101275 - Freeform Pack - Consists of: KC101225 -1", KC101215 - 1/2", KC101205 - 1/4". Freeforms are attachments to rotational molds that allow the formation of holes and general shape openings in plastic rotational molded products during the molding process. By so doing they eliminate the necessity for drilling or routing holes in a secondary operation. They can be used to form or mold in holes in various diameters, starting as small as .250 inches (6mm). Freeforms are offered in a variety of standard sizes or can be made to the size and shape defined by customer specification.

Most come in the color clear. Please contact us for special colors.