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Year Assembly with Arrow Pin, KC5671
Year Assembly with Arrow Pin, KC5671


Product Code: KC5671


Date Code for imprinting plastic parts has the calendar years listed on dial, starting with year '17 through year '24. Carrier is made of aluminum and can be retrofitted in an existing mold by welding or bolting the date code in place. Includes stainless steel arrow pins to be easily adjusted from the inside of the mold by one operator using a screwdriver.

Leaves a 1 1/4" diameter impression, unless specified differently at time of order.

This set includes year date code carrier, arrow pin (KC5673) with two nuts (KC5205), and one spring (KC5185). Size of date code: .25" in height (not including shoulder). 1.25" in diameter, and .02" is depth of engraving.

This can also be made from Stainless Steel - $59.95 each.