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KC6356   "J" Bolt - 4 1/2" (1/2-13" thread), KC6356
KC6359   "J" Bolt - 8 1/2" (1/2-13" thread), KC6359
KC5700   "Stainless Steel" Date Code ID System, KC5700
KC5671   "Year" Assembly with Arrow Pin, KC5671
KC5007   1-3/4" Machined Aluminum Cap, KC5007
KC6526   1/2"-13 HEX Nuts, 2 per "J" Bolt is required, KC6526
KC6245   10 Foot Grid, KC6245
290   14' Double Wall Wave Slide, Used Mold, 290
KC5016   2-1/2" Machined Aluminum Cap, KC5016
KC5013   2-1/4" Machined Aluminum Cap, KC5013
DE207-U   207-U De-Sta-Co Standard Vertical Clamp, DE207-U
KC5022   3-1/2" Machined Aluminum Cap, KC5022
191-C1   3-Mold Mount Cat Litter Boxes Used Molds, Large, 191-C1
DE351-205   351-205 Clamp
DE359-65   359-65 De-Sta-Co SS Parting Line Clamp
KC6240   5 Foot Grid, KC6240
KC101217   5/16 Hollow Freeform, KC101217
KC6580   5/8-11 Bolt Receiver, KC6580
KC6324   5/8-11 x 11" HEX Head Bolt, KC6324
KC6326   5/8-11 x 13" HEX Head Bolt, KC6326
KC6333   5/8-11 x 15 1/2" HEX Head Bolt, KC6333
KC6348   5/8-11 x 30" HEX Head Bolt, KC6348
KC6349   5/8-11 x 36" HEX Head Bolt, KC6349
KC6321   5/8-11 x 7" HEX Head Bolt, KC6321
KC6323   5/8-11 x 9" HEX Head Bolt, KC6323
KC6241   6 Foot Grid, KC6241
KC6242   7 Foot Grid, KC6242
KC6243   8 Foot Grid, KC6243
602   80 Gallon Tank
KC6244   9 Foot Grid, KC6244
KC401880   Abrasive Utility Pad
KC6578   Air Aide (Air Amplifier)
KC6280   Almond 40 Flange Clamp, KC6280
KC6286   Almond 50 Flange Clamp, KC6286
KC6288   Almond Flange Clamp Striker Plate, KC6288
KC6282   Almond Style "J" Bolt, KC6282
KC6283   Almond-30 Frame Clamp with "J" Bolt, KC6283
KC6763   Anchor Connector, KC6763
KC4171   Anti-Stat Dowel G3 Pins Kit/copper, KC4171
KC4169   Anti-Stat Dowel Pin Installation Tool
KC4170   Anti-Stat Dowel Pins, KC4170
KC5780-G2   Anti-Stat Kit, KC5780-G2
KC5780   Anti-Stat Kits, KC5780
KC5673   Arrow Pin (no year), KC5673
KC5674   Arrow Pin with year, KC5674
KC610030   Automated Mold Jacks, KC610030
KC6278   Bale for K-10 Clamp, KC6278
KC5679   Black Maus Coated Arrow Pins, KC5679
KC4915   Black Maus Coating™ Repair Kit, KC4915
KC405120.1   Bluing, Canode, 8-oz Bottles, KC405120.1
KC6540   Bolt Compression Spring, KC6540
KC6518   Bolt Pad, KC6518
KC6350   Bolt Retraction Set, KC6350
KMcube   Brand New Test Mold, KMcube
KC5098   Bushings - 1/2", KC5098
KC5095   Bushings, #10, KC5095
KC5096   Bushings, 1/4", KC5096
KC5097   Bushings, 5/16", KC5097
191-D1   Cat Litter Boxes Used Mold, 191-D1
191-B1   Cat Litter Boxes, Medium, Used Mold, 191-B1
191-A1   Cat Litter Boxes, Small, Used Molds, 191 A1
KC5662   Citrus Cleaner, KC5662
KC5660   Clean N' Store Kit, KC5660
KC6567   Clevis Pin, KC6567
Cool-Aide   Cool Aide (Internal Air Cooling)
KC5423-MC   Copper Hot Shots, Double Detents, 6mm, KC5423-MC
KC6555   Cotter Pin, Circular, KC6555
KC5667   Day Assembly - 31 Sections (includes arrow pin with year), KC5667
De-Sta-Co-207-202   De-Sta-Co 207-202
De-Sta-Co-311-203   De-Sta-Co 311-203
DE207-LR   De-Sta-Co™ 207-LR Clamp DE207-LR
KC5048   De-Sta-Co™ 207-S Clamp, DE207-S
DE207-USS   De-Sta-Co™ 207-USS Vertical Clamp DE207-USS
DE311-HS   De-Sta-Co™ 311-12 Clamp with pipe handle welded on, DE311-HS
DE311-12S   De-Sta-Co™ 311-12 Clamp, DE311-12S
KC6270   De-Sta-Co™ Latch Plate for K-10 Clamp, KC6270
KC5728   Deburrer (with Wood Handle) Flash Trimmer, KC5728
KC5726   Deburrer Flash Trimmer (with Spare Blade), KC5726
134   Display Table - Fabricated Used Mold, 134
250   Dog Bone Toy Chest Used Mold, 250
KC4425   Dowel Pin Set, 5/16" x 1.5" Male, 5/16" x 1.5 Female, KC4425
301   Fabricated Post Mold
KC6400   Fiber Insulation Mat-Self Adhesive, KC6400
KC6402   Fiber Insulation Mat-Self Adhesive, KC6402
KC6401   Fiber Insulation Mat-Self Adhesive. KC6401
KC401861   Filter Vents, 15mm x 30 mm long, KC401861
KC401861-BX   Filter Vents, 15mm x 30mm - Box, KC401861-BX
KC401860-BX   Filter Vents, 8mm - Box of 4400, KC401860-BX
KC401860   Filter Vents, 8mm, KC401860
KC5725   Flash Trimmer, IMS™, KC5725
KC6750   Force 1 Mold Opener, KC6750
KC101225   Freeform (1") 25mm, KC101225
KC101215   Freeform 1/2", KC101215
KC101206   Freeform 1/4" Hollow, Blue, KC101206
KC101240   Freeform 12mm, KC101240
KC101255   Freeform 17/32", KC101255
KC101245   Freeform 19mm (3/4"), KC101245
KC101212   Freeform 3/16" - Solid, Blue, KC101212
KC101220   Freeform 3/4", KC101220
KC101208   Freeform 3/8", KC101208
KC101207   Freeform 5/16" KC101207
KC101216   Freeform 5/8" - Solid, Yellow, KC101216
KC101235   Freeform 6mm, KC101235
KC101210   Freeform 7/16", Solid, KC101210
KC101275   Freeform Sample Pack, KC101275
KC101205   Freeform, 1/4", KC101205
274   Funnel Used Mold, 274
KC800810   Funnel, Pourabilitly and Bulk Density Cup, 10mm, KC800810
KC800811   Funnel, Pourability and Bulk Density Cup, ASTM D1895, Method A 9.5mm, KC800811
KC6770   Gas Transfer Assembly, KC6770
350   Golf Ball Molds 350
228   Gone Fishing Used Mold, 228
KC6110   Grate Grip KC6110
KC6120   Grate Grip KC6120 (1.5" Angle)
KC6125   Grate Grip KC6125 (2" Angle)
KC6128   Grate Grip KC6128 (2" Angle)
KC5661   Heavy Duty Rust Preventative, KC5661
KC6762   HEX Nipple (3/8 NPT), KC6762
KC6761   HEX Nipple (3/8-1/8 NPT), KC6761
KC6760   Hex Nipple (Reducer) Brass (3/8-1/4 NPT) KC6760
KC6450   High Temperature Grease, KC6450
429   Horse Feeder Molds
KC5466   Hot Shots, Copper, Double Detent Balls, 1/4-20, KC5466
KC5568   Hot Shots, Copper, Double Detent Balls, 3/8-16, KC5568
KC5467   Hot Shots, Copper, Double Detent Balls, 5/16-18, KC5467
KC5470   Hot Shots, Copper, Double Detent Balls, 5mm, KC5470
KC5471   Hot Shots, Copper, Double Detent Balls, 6mm, KC5471
KC5472   Hot Shots, Copper, Double Detent Balls, 8mm, KC5472
KC5465   Hot Shots, Copper, Double Detent Balls. 10-24 or 10-32, KC5465
223   House with Platform Used Mold, 223
329   Icewirx Mold, 329
KC5705   ID System, Made in Canada, KC5705
KC5697   ID System, Made in USA, KC5697
135   Indented Pad Used Mold, 135
131   Inner Tire Used Mold, 131
KC4052   Intellicutter, 3/4 inch, KC4052
KC5752-10   Intellitube 10", KC5752-10
KC5752-6   Intellitube 6", KC5752-6
KC5752-8   Intellitube 8", KC5752-8
KC401852   Intellivent, KC401852
KC401852-10-PK   Intellivent/Intellitube Sample Pack - 10", KC401852-10-PK
KC401852-6-PK   Intellivent/Intellitube Sample Pack - 6", KC401852-6-PK
KC401852-8-PK   Intellivent/Intellitube Sample Pack - 8", KC401852-8-PK
KC6274   K-10 Clamp Only, KC6274
KC6279   K-10 Clamp Set with De-Sta-Co™ Hook, KC6279
KC6277   K-10 Clamp Set, KC6277
225   Kitty Bench Used Mold, 225
220   Kitty Playground Used Mold, 220
338-L   Large Trash Can
KC9405   Large White 100% Cotton Jersey Knit Gloves (per dozen)
KC6275   Latch Plate for K-10 Clamp, KC6275
KC6100   Magnetic Core Pin Holder, KC6100
KC6615   Magnetic Insert Holder (KC6615)
KC5863   Mold Cavity Cleaner & Degreaser, KC5863
KC5666   Month Assembly - 12 Sections (includes arrow pin with year), KC5666
KC6203   Mounting Plate, 1500 McNeil™ RS220, Ferry, KC6203
KC6200   Mounting Plate, 800 McNeil™, KC6200
KC6206   Mounting Plate, Ferry™ RS280/RS250-330, KC6206
KC6265   New Maus Clamp, KC6265
KC4426   Non-Binding Parting Line Dowel Pin, G3, KC4426
KC6810-HS   Norstar NS6600 Clamp with Pipe Handle, KC6810-HS
KC6810   Norstar NS6600 Clamp, KC6810
Quick-Change   Norstar Quick Change Hub
KC6820   NS1200 Clamp (with pipe handle), KC6820
KC6815   NS1200 Clamp, KC6815
KC5205   Nuts for Arrow Pins, KC5205
KC5657   P-441-Stoner Releasomers Heavy Duty Mold Release Agent, KC5657
KC5658-DR   P-442 Stoner Releasomers Extra Heavy Duty Mold Release Agent (Drum), KC5658-DR
KC5659   P-448 Stoner Releasomers Heavy Duty Mold Release Agent, KC5659
KC5656-DR   P440-Stoner Releasomers Mold Release Agent (Drum), KC5656-DR
KC5656   P440-Stoner Releasomers Mold Release Agent KC5656
KC5657-DR   P441-Stoner Releasomers Heavy Duty Mold Release Agent (Drum), KC5657-DR
KC5658   P442-Stoner Releasomers Extra Heavy Duty Mold Release Agent, KC5658
KC401875   Pack of Supavents, Smartvents, Intellivent, KC401875
KC5731   Parting Line Scraper - PLS2, Ergon, KC5731
KC5729-5   Parting Line Scrapers, Polycarbonate (pack of 5), KC5729-5
KC5729   Parting Line Scrapers, Polycarbonate, KC5729
229   Pet Boathouse Used Mold, 229
253   Pontoon Dolly Used Mold, 253
KC4440   Purple Polish, KC4440
KC5640   Quick Turn Lock Set
255   Rain Barrel - Used Mold, 255
KC6589   Receiver Set, KC6589
KC6575-10   Receiver Stock 10", KC6575-10
KC6575-12   Receiver Stock 12", KC6575-12
KC6575-4   Receiver Stock 4", KC6575-4
KC6575-6   Receiver Stock 6", KC6575-6
KC6575-8   Receiver Stock 8", KC6575-8
KC5696   Recycle Logo, HDPE, KC5696
KC5699   Recycle Logo, LDPE, KC5699
KC5693   Recycle Logo, LMDPE, KC5693
KC5698   Recyle Logo, LLDPE, KC5698
KC6285   Replacement Bolt w/Nuts & Washers for Almond Flange Clamp, KC6285
KC6541   Replacement Mold Springs, KC6541
254   Reptile Cage Used Mold, 254
KC4021   Retex Roller, KC4021

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