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KC5656   Mold Release Agent, Stoner® P440 (5 Gallon) - KC5656
KC5656-DR   Mold Release Agent, Stoner® P440 (55 Gallon Drum), KC5656-DR
KC6203   Mounting Plate, 1500 McNeil™ RS220, Ferry, KC6203
KC6200   Mounting Plate, 800 McNeil™, KC6200
KC6206   Mounting Plate, Ferry™ RS280/RS250-330, KC6206
Quick-Change   Norstar Quick Change Hub
KC5205   Nuts for Arrow Pins, KC5205
KC5731   Parting Line Scraper - PLS2, Ergon - KC5731
KC5729   Parting Line Scraper, Polycarbonate, KC5729
KC5729-5   Parting Line Scrapers, Polycarbonate (pack of 5), KC5729-5
ST81015-CS   Penetrating Lubricant with PTFE Protection, Stoner® A194 (Case 12Pk.) - ST81015-CS
DE385105   Pivot Pin for Destaco™ Clamp DE344 - DE385105
KC6812   Pivot Pin for Norstar NS6600 Clamp - KC6812
032922VPS   Playground Barrier - 032922VPS
KC6264   Pneumatic Air Ejector - KC6264
KC6263   Pneumatic Clamp - KC6263
KC6589K   Receiver Set, KC6589K (Previously KC6589)
KC6575-10   Receiver Stock 10", KC6575-10
KC6575-12   Receiver Stock 12", KC6575-12
KC6575-4   Receiver Stock 4", KC6575-4
KC6575-6   Receiver Stock 6", KC6575-6
KC6575-8   Receiver Stock 8", KC6575-8
KC5696   Recycle Logo, HDPE, KC5696
KC5699   Recycle Logo, LDPE, KC5699
KC5698   Recycle Logo, LLDPE, KC5698
KC5693   Recycle Logo, LMDPE, KC5693
ST81004-PL   Releasomer Mold Release for Parting Lines, Stoner® P446 (5 Gallon) - ST81004-PL
KC6541   Replacement Mold Springs, KC6541
KC4021   Retex Roller, KC4021
KC4021-1   Retex Roller, KC4021-1
KC4010   Retex Tool (Set of 3), KC4010
KC4010-1   Retex Tool, KC4010-1 (one tool)
279RC   RiverRacer Kayak Used Mold - 279RC
KC800910   ROTOCOOLER™, KC800910
KC5661-CS   Rust Preventive, Long Term Heavy Duty, Stoner® A677 (Case 12 Pk.) - KC5661-CS
ST81011-CS   Rust Preventive, Long Term, Stoner® A677 (Case 12Pk.) - ST81011-CS
ST81012-CS   Rust Preventive, Long Term, with Tracing Dye, Stoner® A590 (Case 12Pk.) - ST81012-CS
ST81010-CS   Rust Preventive, Medium Term, Stoner® A592 (Case 12Pk.) - ST81010-CS
ST81009-CS   Rust Preventive, Short Term, Stoner® A612 (Case 12Pk.) ST81009-CS
227OH   Sail Away Used Mold - 227OH
KC401875   Sample Pack of Supavents, Smartvents, Intellivents, KC401875
282RC   Scorpion Kayak Used Mold - 282RC
KC5668K   Shift Assembly - (includes arrow pin with year), KC5668K (Previously KC5668)
KC5652-GA   Silicone Anti-Stick, Stoner® M520 ZIP-SLIP® ( 1 Gallon) - KC5652-GA
KC5652-QT   Silicone Anti-Stick, Stoner® M520 ZIP-SLIP® (Quart) - KC5652-QT
ST81014-CS   SKID Penetrating Lubricant, Stoner® A490 (Case 12Pk.) - ST81014-CS
KC401856   Smartvent - 1", KC401856
KC401855   Smartvent - 1/2", KC401855
KC401857   Smartvent - 3/4", KC401857
KC401858   Smartvent 8mm - (5/16", 8mm) KC401858
KC5406K   Snap-Sert, Stationary 3/8-16, KC5406K (Previously KC5406)
KC5400K   Snap-Sert, Stationary 1/4-20, KC5400K (Previously KC5400)
KC5427K   Snap-Sert, Stationary 10mm, KC5427K (Previously KC5427)
KC5403K   Snap-Sert, Stationary 5/16-18, KC5403K (Previously KC5403)
KC5466-SS   Snap-Sert, Stationary Dbl. Detent, 1/4-20, KC5466-SS
KC5409K   Snap-Sert, Stationary, 1/2-13, KC5409K (Previously KC5409)
KC5412K   Snap-Sert, Stationary, 10-24, KC5412K (Previously KC5412)
KC5415K   Snap-Sert, Stationary, 10-32, KC5415K (Previously KC5415)
KC5430K   Snap-Sert, Stationary, 12mm, KC5430K (Previously KC5430)
KC5418K   Snap-Sert, Stationary, 5mm, KC5418K (Previously KC5418)
KC5421K   Snap-Sert, Stationary, 6mm, KC5421K (Previously KC5421)
KC5424K   Snap-Sert, Stationary, 8mm, KC5424K (Previously KC5424)
KC5528   Snap-Sert, Stationary, Double Detent, 10mm, KC5528
KC5522   Snap-Sert, Stationary, Double Detent, 6mm, KC5522
KC5520   Snap-Sert, Stationary, Stainless Steel, Double Detent, 5/16-18, KC5520
KC5519   Snap-Sert, Stationary, Stainless Steel, Double Detent, 5mm, KC5519
KC5525   Snap-Sert, Stationary, Stainless Steel, Double Detent, 8mm, KC5525
KC5463K   Snap-Sert, Unassembled Retractable 12mm, KC5463K (Previously KC5463)
KC5436K   Snap-Sert, Unassembled Retractable 5/16-18, KC5436K (Previously KC5436)
KC5442K   Snap-Sert, Unassembled Retractable, 1/2-13, KC5442K (Previously KC5442)
KC5445K   Snap-Sert, Unassembled Retractable, 10-24, KC5445K (Previously KC5445)
KC5448K   Snap-Sert, Unassembled Retractable, 10-32, KC5448K (Previously KC5448)
KC5460K   Snap-Sert, Unassembled Retractable, 10mm, KC5460K (Previously KC5460)
KC5454K   Snap-Sert, Unassembled, Retractable 6mm, KC5454K (Previously KC5454)
KC5457K   Snap-Sert, Unassembled, Retractable 8mm, KC5457K (Previously KC5457)
KC5433K   Snap-Sert, Unassembled, Retractable, 1/4-20, KC5433K (Previously KC5433)
KC5439K   Snap-Sert, Unassembled, Retractable, 3/8-16, KC5439K (Previously KC5439)
KC5451K   Snap-Sert, Unassembled, Retractable, 5mm, KC5451K (Previously KC5451)
KC5088   Spacer, Large (3/4") - KC5088
KC5090   Spacer, Large (7/8") - KC5090
KC5086   Spacer, Medium (5/8") - KC5086
KC5081   Spacer, Small (1/2") - KC5081
KC5967   Spin Weld Cap, 1", Black, KC5967
KC5962   Spin Weld Cap, 1", White, KC5962
KC5960   Spin Weld Cap, 1/2" White, KC5960
KC5965   Spin Weld Cap, 1/2", Black, KC5965
KC5966   Spin Weld Cap, 3/4", Black, KC5966
KC5961   Spin Weld Cap, 3/4", White, KC5961
KC5180   Spring .360 o.d. X .042 for Retractable Snap-Sert, KC5180
KC5185   Spring for Arrow Pins, KC5185
KC5165   Spring for Retractable Snap-Serts, KC5165
KC6650   Spring Shim, 0.010" - KC6650
KC6653   Spring Shim, 0.020", KC6653
KC6656   Spring Shim, 0.031" KC6656
KC6659   Spring Shim, 0.058", KC6659
KC6559   Spring Sleeve, KC6559
KC6560   Spring Sleeve, KC6560
KC6540   Spring, Bolt Compression, KC6540
KC6288   Striker Plate for Almond Flange Clamp, KC6288
KC401000   Supacool - KC401000
KC401846   Supavent - 1", KC401846
KC401850   Supavent - 1/2", KC401850
KC401851   Supavent - 3/4", KC401851
KC401867   Technosmart Assembly - 1/2", KC401867
KC401866   Technosmart Assembly - 3/4", KC401866
KC401854   Technovent - 1/2", KC401854
KC401864   Technovent - 3/4", KC401864
KC-TEST4   Test Product
KC3300-NS   The KC3300-NS: Cast, plated, bolt-on ergonomic clamp
Shipping-Cradle   The Perfect Shipping Cradle
KC401865   Thermocouple, KC401865
051222MI   Trash Can, Small, Used Mold - 051222MI
221COH   Treehouse Hideaway Used Mold - 221COH
KC5750   Tubes, Teflon™ .50" O.D. X .375" I.D. KC5750
KC5759   Tubes, Teflon™ 1.375" O.D. X 1.125" I.D., KC5759
KC5751   Tubes, Teflon™ .75" O.D. X .50" I.D., KC5751
KC5752   Tubes, Teflon™ 1" O.D. X .75" I.D., KC5752
KC5753   Tubes, Teflon™ 1" O.D. X .875" I.D., KC5753
KC5754   Tubes, Teflon™ 1.25" O.D. X .875" I.D., KC5754
KC5749   Tubes, Teflon™ 1.50" O.D. X 1.125" I.D., KC5749
KC5745   Tubes, Teflon™ Custom Cuts, KC5745
DE385215S   U-Bolt for Destaco Clamp DE344 - DE385215S
KC6811   U-Bolt for Norstar NS6600 Clamp - KC6811
KC5863   UNO SV, Bio-Circle Mold Cavity Cleaner & Degreaser, KC5863
DE207-U   Vertical Clamp 207-U Destaco™, DE207-U
DE207-USS   Vertical Clamp, Destaco™ - DE207-USS
KC6748   Vortec Flow Gain Nozzle®, KC6748
KC6745   Vortec Transvector® (0.39" ID) KC6745
KC6746   Vortec Transvector® (0.79" ID) KC6746
KC6747   Vortec Transvector® (1.57" ID) KC6747
KC605080   Washer, KC605080
193AOH   Wheel-O-Tank 3-Used Mold Spider - 193AOH
KC5671   Year Assembly with Arrow Pin, KC5671

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