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Clamp, Destaco™ - DE311-12

Clamp, Destaco™ - DE311-12


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The DESTACO™ clamp is a latch-style clamp with 1200 lbs. of holding force designed to hold rotational mold halves together after they are assembled. A fixed stop automatically limits handle travel at various clamping positions once the clamp is installed eliminating the need to adjust a manual stop. The clamps may be attached to the frame of the molds by bolting through the supplied bolt holes or welding.

Due to the high temperatures of the molding process, these clamps are not supplied with soft grips. ("J" hook not included in price. See Norstar's KC6356, 1/2-13 X 4 1/2" "J" bolt, or KC6359, 1/2-13 X 8 1/2" "J" bolt).

This clamp is made of steel and does not include a grip. It is for rotational molding use only.

Other Destaco™ rotational mold clamps are available. 311 style clamp.
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