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Clamp, Norstar NS6600, KC6810

Clamp, Norstar NS6600, KC6810


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The Norstar NS6600 latch-type pull action clamp is designed for maximum holding capability with ease of operation and adjustment. With a holding capacity of 6600 lbs., the NS6600 provides the added holding force required for larger and heavier rotational molds.

The plating helps to limit corrosion and extends the life of the clamp.
It is designed with an over-center toggle lock assuring that the clamp will not open during the rotational cycles of a rotomolding application. The clamp is manufactured with stainless steel parts for a long life.

This clamp includes a single latch plate, pivot pin, and U-bolt. 
You can purchase additional parts separately if you choose.

NOTE: This clamp is a replacement for a 375 clamp.

Latch plate (KC6813)
Pivot pin (KC6812)
U-bolt (KC6811)

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