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Cool-Aide (Internal Air Cooling)

Cool-Aide (Internal Air Cooling)


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This internal air cooler is a device that works on a standard compressed air supply and operates with the vortex principle. Compressed air enters the tube and is separated via a vortex into two parts, cold air exits on one end and hot air on the other. By hooking up the cold air end of the tube, cold air can be circulated inside a rotationally molded part to provide for more even cooling, inside and outside the part. These tubes are adjustable for airflow and consequently not only the amount of air entering the plastic part, but the temperature of the air also.

This small lightweight separator is made of stainless steel and has no moving parts. This is just the solution for those who want to reduce cooling cycle times and warpage due to uneven cooling in plastic parts.

One 3/4" smartvent is included. (KC401857)

The manual can be found here.

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