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Fiber Insulation Mat-Self Adhesive. KC6401

Fiber Insulation Mat-Self Adhesive. KC6401


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Part Number KC6401 (Size: 1600 X 1000 X 7mm). Glass Fiber Insulation Mat is a Self-Adhesive material that is very efficient and easy to use as an insulator on the exterior of a mold wall to prevent the build-up of resin in unwanted areas of a plastic part. It is easily cut with a knife to the desired size and shape and has a self-adhering feature that facilitates simple installation on the mold.

The reflective aluminum sheet and high thermal insulation quality of the glass fiber material make it the most efficient heat barrier available for the rotational molding process. The thermal resistance (R) of the 7m sheet is ≈ 0.2 (this is generally measured in m²K/W)

This system works excellent when cooling with air.

NOTE: It is not recommended for water spray cooling. Glass Fiber Insulation Mats are available from RotoMart in the following sizes: 1600 X 1000 X 3mm - Part Number KC6400, 1600 X 1000 X 12mm - Part Number KC6402.

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