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Intellicutter, 3/4 inch, KC4052

Intellicutter, 3/4 inch, KC4052


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This cutter will allow you to cut our Teflon tube (KC5752) to accept the intellivent (KC401852). It cuts a recess into the Teflon about .200” deep.

Intellivent has been designed to fit inside an appropriately sized PTFE boss. The OD of the intellivent sits snugly on the ID of the Teflon tube. When fitting the intellivent, please make sure that the wedge of the Intellivent is sitting uniformly against the ID of the Teflon tube you are using. An incorrectly installed Intellivent may have folds or kinks in the wedge that may impact the performance. To improve the security of the Intellivent event, we recommend that you use one of our intellicutters to size and recess the vent tube that you are using.

For a 360° view of a line drawing of an intellicutter, please go to this website:

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