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Maus Pneumatic Clamp MPK1 - KC6263

Maus Pneumatic Clamp MPK1 - KC6263


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Temperature-resistant, pneumatic swivel arm clamp for closing individual rotational molds, just critical mold sections, or entire spider arrangements. This clamp is designed for continuous use in rotational molding. It features a solid steel housing, with temperature-resistant special seals and a clamping force of 860 lbs. per clamp. This clamp will speed up the opening and closing times of molds, changing the times to only a few seconds. Gentle on the molds, easy handling for the operator, and visual inspection. During rotation the clamps are pressure-less, making them 100% safe, reliable, and repeatable.

Requirements for operation in your roto-molding production:
External compressed air supply with minimum 7 Bar pressure. Spring elements on one side of the molds frame setup.

The seal kit can be found here.

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