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Retex Roller, All Roller Combo - KC4021

Retex Roller, All Roller Combo - KC4021


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One handle, three roller combo.

Retex Roller is designed to be used to repair plastic parts that may have become damaged during or after molding.

Using the Retex Roller can reduce scrap rates caused by scratches or gouges in the part. It has been designed and manufactured to impart on the plastic part typical mold finishes such as shot peen and sanded finishes that are utilized in the manufacturing of rotational mold tooling. In this way, blemishes can be blended into the surrounding areas saving what was going to be a scrap part. (Comes with the following finishes: One 550 shot peen, one 330 shot peen and one sand blast).

Superficial scratches will require only a slight heating of the plastic part so as to soften the surface.
Then the Retex Roller can be used to flow the surface plastic into the scratch at the same time imparting the appropriate texture.

Retex Rollers are coated with a permanent release coating so there is no need to use any release agent.

For deep scratches, gouges or holes, it is recommended that Patch 'N Go™ from Mold-In Graphics be used to first fill in the imperfection, then heat to cure it and quickly use the appropriate Retex Roller to impart the proper texture to the surface of the part.

Start salvaging your scrap parts. Order your Retex Roller today.

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