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Retex Tool, KC4010-1 (one tool)

Retex Tool, KC4010-1 (one tool)


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Finish Type
One piece only for this part number.
Please specify shape: round, triangle, or square.
Please specify finish: 550 shot peen, 330 shot peen, or sand blast.

Retex Tools are designed to repair plastic parts that may have become damaged during or after molding. Using Retex Tools can reduce scrap rates caused by scratches or gouges that occur after the molding process. They have been designed and manufactured to impart typical mold finishes such as shot peen and sandblast finishes that are utilized in the manufacturing of rotational molding tooling.

Retex Tools are coated with a permanent release coating so there is no need to use any release agent.
Please allow for a two weeks for lead time.

To order a set of three (3) Retex Tools, see KC4010.
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