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Supavent - 3/4", KC401851

Supavent - 3/4", KC401851


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Supavents are the latest technology in rotational molding venting designed to provide very effective and repeatable venting. By doing this they eliminate the variances in venting caused from the variation in filter media density used in traditional venting methods. As a result scrap rates from warpage and loose filter media are reduced.

In addition, Supavents are also designed to capitalize on rotational molding's natural pressure build during the heating phase to allow for more efficient curing of the plastic part and therefore reducing the necessary heating cycle time.

Supavents can be used with or without active pressurization systems.
Reduced scrap, shorter cycles and better part appearance are the advantages of switching to the Supavent system.

See our 1/2" Supavent KC401850 or 1" Supavent KC401846.

· Venting Rotational Molding

· Reduce Scrap

· Reduce Warpage

· Reduce Filter Media Contamination

· Shorter Cycles

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