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Vortec Transvector - Multiple Options

Vortec Transvector - Multiple Options


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I.D Size

Air Amplifiers provide a significant airflow ideal for tasks such as conveying, drying, cooling, or ventilating. These high-volume, bladeless blowers feature no moving parts, making them intrinsically safe. They can amplify compressed air volumes by 12 to 20 times in ducted applications and up to 60 times in unducted applications. These devices are particularly effective for removing metal chips and scrap, ventilating fumes or smoke, and transporting small parts, pellets, powders, and dust.

Using one of these nozzles can significantly influence the plastic wall thickness during rotational molding. Acting as an air amplifier, the nozzle uses compressed air to create a suction effect.

Attached to the mold's clamping frame, the nozzle directs hot air from the oven chamber onto specific mold areas to accelerate plastic buildup. It can also target cooling by drawing cold air from a cooling chamber.

These nozzles are more efficient than conventional nozzles, reducing compressed air consumption. They are durable and easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.

We have multiple options available for purchase.

  • 1.57" I.D. - KC6747
  • 0.79" I.D. - KC6746
  • 0.39" I.D. - KC6745


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